Following to what happened recently, the direction, in the person of Ing. Michele Stillavati, has considered needed to publish an Official Statement.

Recently FALSE information have been spread along with pictures of a spiral of an used 902S with a working life of about twenty years, about an hypothetical breakdown of a Rex 350 in Portugal. We would like to clarify that this information is FALSE.

It is an event that dates back to at least a couple of years ago: the machine was an used 902S with a working life of about twenty years, installed in the factory of one of our customers in Morocco, who worked olive pits with our decanter. The explosion of the 902S (as evidenced by the photos, in addition to the witness of the customer himself) has been caused by a terror attack against by our customer; the explosion was triggered by the introduction of explosive material in the decanter.

It is quite immoral, even shameful, to use this information for purely commercial purposes, especially after the death in Spain of a mill operator after the collapse of a decanter of another company.

Finally we point out that anyone who disseminates FALSE information about machinery produced by Amenduni Nicola S.p.A. will be immediately pursued with LEGAL MEANS.