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Horizontal centrifuges

The drum, the screw and the gear-box are the main elements of the machine. They are accurately designed to reach the best performance for any application. Inside the drum of the centrifuge, the separation is done by centrifugal force for the dehydration of the sludge. Any of our decanters can work two or three phase the switch is very easy and it can be done making small operations in few minutes.

The IT series decanters are equipped with double motor and an automatic system of speed regulation of the screw and of the drum, this is made with two inverters managed and regulated automatically by a PLC and by the system of the electrical control panel equipped with a touch screen. The small motor is fed by the energy produced by the main motor in order to reduce electrical consumption.

Available models: 902S, REX150 IT, REX250 IT, REX350 IT e REX400 IT.