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Husk screw

Horizontal screw fully made of stainless steel for the transfer of the husk to the final discharge.
Available in various sizes.
It is possible to increase the length by using an additional screw.

Horizontal screw conveyor

Horizontal screw conveyor to transfer the husk. Stainless steel structure for a long-life cycle. Electric motorisation.


Stainless steel destoner with a simple and sturdy construction for the separation of the pulp from the pit.

Paste pump

Mono type with stainless steel rotor to feed the decanter.
Model 500, 1200 and 3000 available, equipped with inverter for speed control.

Piston pump

For the paste transfer from the crusher to the mixing group and for the pomace transfer to the final discharge.
Available in “PP10” and “PP10DE” models.

Husk burner

Husk hopper and feeder with electric motor. Automatic temperature setting. Expansion vat.