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Our passion and our commitment in olive oil and industrial sector, Investments in technology, research and human resources: this is the secret of Amenduni Nicola Spa.

Our business policy is based on a continuous and regular flow of information and updates.
In this way the company experienced a quick and uncontested expansion in the world market.


In a region worldwide known for the olive oil production like Apulia, in the earliest 1905 Michele Amenduni got the good inspiration for starting a production of oil machines, founding in Bari the company Amenduni Nicola Spa. Later inherited by the son Nicola (to whom the business name belongs) the company became an industrial achievement with an increasing effectiveness.

For many decades Amenduni has been a leader in olive oil extraction with traditional methods .Then in the 1980s, after the transition to the continuous cycle, Amenduni quickly became a leader with its technological innovations and the excellent performances of its new olive oil extraction systems.

The growth of Amenduni soon occurred also abroad with the foundation of new sites and the installation of a great number of lines world widely.


We belong to a solid group, world leader in special stainless steel production, which supplies raw material to most of the olive oil machines manufacturers.

The Amenduni Group, completely owned by Amenduni Nicola family, constitutes one of the biggest world companies for special steel production and consists of various centres.

Each company inside the group is supported by a solid financial structure and huge capital invested, necessary conditions to assure the basis for a constant and continuous growth in every field.



The production facilities, technical offices and executive board of the company are located in the industrial area of Modugno, Bari …



Strategically installed in the centre of Spain, the world largest producer of olive oil, the AMENDUNI IBERICA SA ensure …


The business centre is located in Buenos Aires, while the operative units are displaced in the high-density olive area, such as La Rioja city. From this centre …